Monday, June 19, 2017

An introduction of sorts

Maybe I should actually write something about myself. This will probably read like a long rambling of someone losing their mind, but its not that far from the truth.

I work for some company doing IT things for a hospital I could go into more details but it doesn't really matter in the long run, at least not right now. I am close to hitting five years with my company and the only reason I'm staying is it pays the bills and at seven years I get a sabbatical of four weeks*. One of those weeks must be used to do volunteer work, but the other three are mine. Honestly at this point that is what I have to look forward to.

Work for some reason consumes the majority of my life and emotional capacity even though it is not rewarding to me. This is not something I would wish on others but when stuff happens at work I get anxeyity over it until it is resolved. This has made me an incredible employee, but causes some trouble at home. I have two children whom I love and a wife who deserves sainthood for putting up with my nonsense and taking care of me when I have had my server medical issues.

I used to find release in videogames but now barely have time to play them. What time I do have I at least get to spend playing with my wife. I am not always the best person to play games with, but that is an activity we enjoy together. For a short time I was able to stream and make YouTube videos and I miss that, but that was when I was living by myself during the week and only able to see my family during the weekend. I think I used the empty embrace of the internet to replace my loneliness without my family. Although they would not know it because I am terrible at expressing my emotions and have great difficulty talking to others about things of importance, and find it easier to confide in the empty corners of the internet where no one will end up ever noticing this or even reading this far.

So I guess this will be my first real post on my relaunched web page. I know it is kind of a downer, but it is honest. I wear a mask in real life no-one sees I should at least beer honest somewhere I guess ]: